Our Master Distiller


Introducing Brian Morton

Born and raised in Washington state, Brian Morton worked for years with breweries and in restaurants development, before exploring the world of spirits and distilling. After experiencing firsthand the friendships, sense of community and lasting memories formed over the right cocktail, he was hooked.

Upon tasting a unique and limited liqueur, Brian couldn’t back down from the challenge of attempting to recreate this liqueur himself. And so began his journey into spirits and distilling. Ever since that moment, Brian has continually sought to learn the craft, not only learning by trial and experimentation, but also seeking to surround himself with other talented distillers. In 2009, Brian opened Blue Flame Spirits one of the first distilleries in Washington state. Pursuing spirits ultimately led Brian to his greatest passion, helping other people bring their vision to life and sharing his extensive knowledge. Today, Brian has consulted with over 20 different brands, crafting a full spectrum of custom spirits and even building distilleries from the ground up.

Brain Morton
Vido Kraken Bottle in water

At Monson Ranch Distillery,

Brian uses only the best ingredients to craft an array of spirits with different distillation methods from continuous column stills to small batch copper pot stills. With sustainably grown Goose Ridge wine grapes distilled for vodka and gin and apples from Monson Ranch picked for the brandy, Brian shapes each of the Monson Ranch Distillery products to showcase the unique terroir of the Columbia Valley and specifically the Goose Gap appellation. 

Partnering with the Monson Family for Monson Ranch Distillery has been a seamless transition. Both Brian and the Monson Family have a shared vision beyond themselves that looks ahead to future generations. The Monson Family business already includes the third and fourth generations and Brian’s oldest son now works alongside him in the distillery. 

Outside of the distillery, Brian and his wife are busy raising their six children. After work, he enjoys sipping on a black Manhattan or cracking open a local Pacific Northwest beer. 

The official Vodka of the Seattle Kraken
Feather & Folly Gin on barrel